ikarus Wordpress theme


Ikarus is my dream of a WordPress Theme come to life. I’ve spent 3 months developing it and it’s absolutely perfect, with over 2,000+ user selectable variations and options all managed from the admin area. Four (4) homepage layouts (magazine, list, blog and magazine lis), over 10 colors that you can mix and match, left or right layout and tons more.

It’s the most complex programmed theme that will most likely ever be created. It’s my proudest piece of work and I’m glad to give it away free of charge. I’ve included some links in the footer that points back to my personal websites. If you’d like them removed please paypal $30 to webdesign@5shades.com.

I’ve created an exlusive demo page just for Ikarus so that you can witness the full potential of it’s power and flexibility. I’ve also made it terribly easy to customize and fit your needs.

Learn more about this theme from the options in the main menu on the demo page.


  • NEW** Bubble thought boxes for comments
  • NEW** Auto sizing of featured images on mzine style
  • NEW** Auto sizing of sidebar featured images
  • NEW** Turn featured video on or off in admin
  • 4 homepage layouts to choose from, Blog, Magazine, List or Magazine List
  • FlickRSS
  • Theme options page and help page in admin
  • Custom values integration for featured images and video
  • Content Gallery (on or off) Slideshow or static header image with link
  • Featured Sidebar post (on or off)
  • Popular content rating
  • Recent posts, comments and feedback
  • TagCloud
  • Clean Page Nagivation (wpNavi)
  • Color coated “read more” buttons
  • Author thumbnails for comments
  • MyAvatars
  • Valid CSS and XHTML coding
  • Live theme preview in admin area
  • Related posts on post pages
  • Next and previous posts
  • Comment Rss
  • Cross browser support: IE, FF, Safari and Netscape
  • 6 125×125, 1 header 468×60, 1 footer 468×60 banners all managed from theme admin area
  • Feedburner integration
  • Feedcount
  • Logo as image or text (controlled from admin)
  • 10 color variations to choose from for header bar, widgets, post titles, links and footer
  • Set global image alignment
  • Set your own global header and font styles
  • Set global font size
  • Switch layout between left and right
  • 3 Columns
  • Widgets 2 columns
  • Tons of custom pages built in, search results, links, archives, pages, categories, comments, author pages and more.
  • CSS multi-level drop down page menus across header
  • MooTabs slider box
  • Featured YouTube Video post
  • Social bookmark tools on pages and post pages
  • Comments on pages
  • Admin area links in frontend when logged in for easy management
  • Tons of custom typography styles like: highlight, different heading styles, code, span, download, numbers, pre, ordered and unordered checklists, speech bubbles, blockquotes and more.

Download Plugins Package

Exclusive Ikarus Live Demo

Download Metropolis Theme Download: IKARUS Theme

~ tarafından ceoxi Ağustos 21, 2008.

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