Arthemia premium wordpress theme

Arthemia premium wordpress theme

If you’re my frequency readers, you might know that ThemeLib is wearing Arthemia wordpress theme – an excellent wordpress theme by Michael Jubel. Yeah, the first time i saw it, I fell in love with it instantly I must say he has done a really great job. That’s why I was excited when he released Arthemia premium wordpress theme, an advanced version of his free theme.

Here are some great features of Arthemia premium theme:

  • Theme admin panel : No more having to mess around with the code … Manage everything from the theme administration panel
  • Colorful categories : Assign specific color to each category in your blog and stand out with your own styling.
  • Navigation drop-down menu : Show your blog pages and sub-pages in a fancy drop-down navigation menu on the top of your blog.
  • Automatic thumbnail generation : Thumbnails will be generated for every image sizes you requested.
  • Banner & Adsense management : Simply upload, add hyperlinks for banners or add your Google Adsense code without modifying the theme
  • A blog and a magazine in one : Not too blog-ish, not too magazine-ish )
  • Widget ready
  • Gravatar support
  • WordPress v2.5+ compatible
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • Much more …

Arthemia premium wordpress theme

The feature I love the most in this theme is the category bar in the middle which will help my readers exploring my site. I’m sure it cannot be found anywhere on the Internet!

As you can see in the demo page, the theme is very well laid out and comes with all the web 2.0 features. I know that lots of people like Arthemia free theme and will not really mind spending some money to upgrade their themes and take their blogs to the next level.

In my opinion, Arthemia premium wordpress theme is worth the money! The price point seems to be right around where I’d expect it to be for a premium WordPress theme. For only $70.00 you get a well thought out professional WordPress theme which is well worth the investment )

~ tarafından ceoxi Ağustos 25, 2008.

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