11 FREE high-quality wordpress theme releases in August 2008

Hey, and welcome to the montly WordPress theme releases post, this month wasn’t more productive regarding high-quality wp themes than last month, in this post i’ve included 11 themes, and trust me there are a few themes that will blow your mind ;).

These 11 themes were selected from a total number of 287 themes from Digitalpoint Forums and WeblogToolsCollection

Here’s August’s Roundup

1) E-storage plus

The theme looks great, I really like the overall concept and mostly the sliding images and the lots and lots of color schemes.

Of course the structure has its value also, but the thing that takes down A LOT from the theme’s value is the empty header(which can be replaced ofc).

Theme Demo: http://www.zinruss.com/demo234/
Theme release post: N/A – Download: http://www.zinruss.com/themes/download-manager.php?id=253

2) Reformasi

The thing that makes Reformasi a valuable free theme is its structure nad element combination. You can easily ad-optimize your blog with this theme and in the same time make it look fun and appealing.

The image slider is javascript powered and the News in Photo section is just brilliant!

Theme Demo: http://www.blogger-template.info/reformasi
Theme release post: http://www.blogger-template.info/reformasi-theme
Download: http://www.blogger-template.info/wp-content/uploads/reformasi.zip

3) Vibrant

There’s only one main sentence i can say about this theme: Light green looks damn good combined with blue.

The posts are included in rounded cornered boxes, and the color combination is a variation of grey/blue/green which makes the theme look really sleek!

Theme Demo: http://test.webfrap.com/?theme=WordPress%20Vibrant
Theme release post: http://www.webfrap.com/vibrant-wordpress-theme/
Download: http://www.webfrap.com/wp-content/downloads/vibrant.zip

4) Acosmin Tech

I think the main reason why i like this theme is the funky top part and the huge advertising box which makes the theme different from the ordinary ad-optimized themes. 3 columned themes are getting more and more popular nowadays.

The comment page also deserves my appreciation. I really like they way Cosmin integrated Gravatars in the posts, good job! )

Theme Demo: http://acosmintech.acosmin.com/
Theme release post: http://www.acosmin.com/acosmintech-v1-free-wordpress-theme/
Download: http://www.acosmin.com/download/29/

5) Guzel Magazine

Okay, now really…this is THE HOTTEST free magazine styled theme i ever saw in my life. This theme makes people who bought premium themes regret their decision.

This theme has lots of cool features like Thumbnail Support for Stories, Video Spot, AJAX tabs, & many more, and is IDEAL for a magazine blog. If i would have to rate this theme i’d give it 11/10!

Theme Demo: http://www.customthemedesign.com/guzel
Theme release post: N/A
Download: http://www.gabfire.com/wp-content/plugins/download-monitor/download.php?id=5

6) Global Mag

Yet an other magazine styled theme. The combination of red and blue on a white background makes the theme very appealing and gives it a fresh look.

The theme features a featured article spot, snippets from recent posts from each category and of course ad-optimization.

Theme Demo: http://test.bloggingzone.info/?preview_theme=meg3
Theme release post: N/A
Download: http://bloggingzone.info/globalmag.zip

7) Wp Coda

This theme is so sexy, it’s almost undescribable. When i first saw the preview i said to myself: HOLY SHIT!

WP Coda has lots and lots of jQuery features implemented like sliding, cool hovers, popup bubbles, fancy box.

Trust me on this: This theme will DAZZLE you!

Theme Demo: http://wordpress.bustatheme.com/coda/
Theme release post: http://bustatheme.com/wordpress/wp-coda/
Download: http://bustatheme.com/download/wp+coda+latest

8 ) Wp Coda Orange

WP CODA ORANGE is based on the fantastic theme by Greg Johnson – WP CODA. WP CODA itself was created to “mimic the functionality of the very popular Coda website – created by .Panic to market their web development tools and services. As Greg states, “Every aspect of the Coda website was duplicated and this theme works in every major browser.”

Theme Demo: http://wpcodaorange.kerrywebster.com/
Theme release post: http://wpcodaorange.kerrywebster.com/
Download: http://kerrywebster.com/?download=WP-Coda-Orange

9) CrzyRedBinks

This is a really simplistic theme, but for some reason it looks damn good. I think the grey/red combination and the sidebar elements arrangement makes it looks so good.

A great plus for this theme is the load time, it completely loads under 2 seconds, also the footer isn’t filled with sponsor links :). The theme uses PHP files for ads, so ad management is a bit eased. The bad part of Crzyredbinks is that it doesn’t have an options panel.

Theme Demo: http://demo.slimmity.com/index.php?wptheme=CrzyRedBinks
Theme release post: http://www.slimmity.com/crzyredbinks-v1/
Download: http://www.slimmity.com/download/6/

10) Star Press

There isn’t anything fancy about this theme, i decided to add it because it would fit a teen/gossip blog like a glove. Unlike most themes this theme doesn’t use FAMFAMFAM’s icons which makes it stand out a bit more :).

Theme Demo: http://www.onewaylinks.co.uk/themes/star-press/
Theme release post: http://www.onewaylinks.co.uk/star-press-free-wordpress-themes/
Download: http://www.onewaylinks.co.uk/downloads/star-press.zip

11) Web 2.0 Pinky

Definitely for a girl blog. The theme has very few images but the overall concept looks good. The theme could use a bit more elements but even this way it made it to this month’s showcase.

The one thing i really don’t like about this theme is the logo which looks like it was put there because the author didn’t have any other alternatives.

Theme Demo: http://ourfather.co.cc/index.php?wptheme=Web+2.0+Pinky
Theme release post: http://www.teckitech.com/08/wordpress-theme-web-20-pinky/

Okay, i wrapped up August also(2 minutes before the feedburner email delivery, Woot! ), c ya next month D

~ tarafından ceoxi Ağustos 31, 2008.

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