Breaking the mold: 12 remarkable Blogger designs

Breaking the mold: 12 remarkable Blogger designs

If I were to approach the subject of designing Blogger templates, many people would moan about the repetitive, boring and dreary styles commonly associated with BlogSpot blogs.

It’s time to rethink these assumptions! In recent months, many talented and creative bloggers have created amazing and beautiful designs for their Blogger powered blogs which certainly offer WordPress designers a run for their money!

For your visual pleasure, here are ten remarkable and original designs which break the mold of Blogger design conventions.

1. Blog Akumi

A blend of illustration, torn paper and grunge with a hint of animation and excellent choices of colors in the scheme.

Blog Akumi

2. Great Design

This design makes me think of a designer’s sketchbook, where aspects of the design are put to paper before being committed as digital art:

3. Rames Studios

A striking grunge style header with handwritten elements in the sidebar.

4. Flair in the City

Clean, fresh and stylish as fashion blogs should be!

5. Electronic Itlog

Elegance in simplicity…

6. Max Black

An artistic twist of the two column template which combines elements of grunge and pastel colors to deliver a refreshingly beautiful design:

7. Los Malditos Samurias de Gallaecia

The oriental style is consistent throughout with incredible attention to small details.

8. The Blog of Doug Cloud

This is a beautiful example of the trend for illustrations in blog design which perfectly accompanies Doug’s established “brand” as a designer:

9. Uptime Studio

A portfolio of beautiful photography. You’d be forgiven for failing to recognize this as a blog!

10. Creativica

A modern twist on the professional blog style, with a flash header and attention to all details in the layout.

11. Woork

Antonio Lupetti’s blog has undergone a recent redesign which offers a beautifully simple and professional approach to blog presentation:

12. SketchBlog

When I first saw this design showcased on Smashing Magazine, I couldn’t believe it was actually powered by Blogger! Rob Sheridan’s fabulous design has also recently been showcased as a Blogger “Blog of Note”. You really need to see this blog in action to truly appreciate the attention to detail and the overall effect of this design.

The best way to realize the potential of our CMS is to push the boundaries and break the mold of popular conventions. As more creative bloggers and designers turn their attention to Google Blogger, we can only expect the quality of such designs continue to improve.

~ tarafından ceoxi Eylül 2, 2008.

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