September 2008 Most Popular Articles

Below you will find the most popular articles of this month. Check them out if you missed any!

  • Vistalicious WordPress Theme Released: This is one of my favorite WordPress Themes so far. Vistalicious is a clean theme with two columns and a green flavored background. It is advertising ready and easily customizable.
  • Add an Email Subscription Form Below Your Posts: What about email subscription forms though? Could they work as efficiently on the bottom of single posts? I had a feeling that they could, and I decided to test it out on my blogs. The results were pretty amazing.
  • On Linkbaits, Socialbaits and Viral Content: If you have been involved with online marketing, web publishing or blogging for a while, I am sure that you have come across the terms linkbait, socialbait and viral content at least once.
  • Test If A Website Is Down For Everyone or Just For You: Given the amount of people that message me on IM to check if Paypal, their blog or another website is also down for me, I suspect that not every one know this little handy tool.
  • Your Calls to Action Should Go Below The Post: Lately I was visiting some blogs that use this strategy, and I realized that perhaps it is not that effective, and sometimes they might even hurt the user experience.
  • Open Discussion: Are Mini Niche Websites Dying?: As you probably guessed, the most famous example of an SEO black hole is Wikipedia. The problem is that many mainstream websites are following the same route (e.g., NY Times, Business Week).

~ tarafından ceoxi Ekim 10, 2008.

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