Free Theme: Color Paper Wordpress Theme now on Smashing Magazine

A while ago we had the pleasure of working with DreamTemple for a WordPress Theme which they’ve given away for free on Smashing Magazine. That means you can get this beautiful and unique theme for free, from the king of freebies Smashing Magazine.

We’re very happy to once again have some of our work featured on such a wonderful resource, and are working on another free theme which will be also be released on Smashing Magazine.

Theme Details

Details and Subtle Touches

As always we’ve added many subtle background effects and textures, the beautiful dark wood texture contrasted with the clean open paper background on which the content lies. We’ve managed to make something which remains very spacious and clean when it comes to the content, even though it sits on top of something very decorative and grungy.

Colour Changes

As a added extra touch, we’ve created some additional schemes which you can easily switch through by clicking any one of the colour tabs on the side of the theme. This will change the colour of the links throughout the page. We were going to have a completely new theme for each tab, but the colours never looked as good as they do right now, so we felt it would be better to retain the quality of the original and just have the links change colour.

Traditional Blog Layout

Although Magazine styles are great (well I still think so at least) – we’re just as happy to see more and more personal blog layouts coming back. The truth is, not every blog needs to have a magazine layout, so we’re glad to have been able to offering something for those of you who prefer something which is more personal.

Once again, we’d like to thank DreamTemplate for working with us on this theme and Smashing Magazine for releasing the theme and their great support.

Download & Demo

Download & Details | Demo

More details and information is available on the link above, also you can check out the live demo to see the theme fully working. And as the theme is free you’ve got no reason not to try it out. The PSD file is also available for download, make sure you check the download & details link for that. Thanks, let me know what you think.

~ tarafından ceoxi Aralık 7, 2008.

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