This Month in Web Design: Best Links of November

Now that November is winding down it’s time to take a look at the best items from the month. I hope this re-cap provides you with some new and helpful content that you hadn’t seen before.

Web Design and Development:

CSS Tip #1: Resetting Your Styles with CSS Reset – Six Revisions


Getting Ready for WordPress 2.7: Really Simple Category Styling – Devlounge

Most Wanted WordPress Hacks: 11 New Requests (2) – Noupe

Most Wanted Ajax Techniques: 50+ Examples and Tutorials – Noupe

The Best Cheat Sheets for Web Developers – WebAppers

Six Indispensable CSS Tips and Tricks I Use On Every Project – d’bug

5 Ways to Break Your Design Habits – Just for Fun – Spyre Mag

Building Custom WordPress Themes – Web Designer Wall

The CSS Gallery List – A great resource if you’re submitting sites to galleries

Graphic Design:

20 Typefaces to Start a Designer’s Career – Just Creative Design

20 Typefaces

25 Color Palette Generating Resources – The Web Squeeze


Flying Girl in Photoshop – Abduzeedo

Flying Girl

Old School Clock with CSS3 and jQuery – CSS-Tricks

Building a Shopping Cart in ASP.NET – NETTUTS

User Membership with PHP – NETTUTS

Create a Burberry Style Plaid with Illustrator in 4 Steps – COLORBURNED

Design a Shiny Bass Guitar Illustration Using Photoshop – PSDTUTS

Use Adobe Illustrator to Create a Clean Website Layout – VECTORTUTS

Awesome Floral Type in Fireworks and Photoshop in 5 Minutes – Abduzeedo

How to Shoot Textures Outdoors – Mostly Lisa


Typographic Madness: 30 Brilliant Pieces of Work – Noupe

Typographic Madness

Inspirational Design from Extreme Sports Sites – Blog.SpoonGraphics

30 Stylish Examples of Doodles in Web Design – Blog.SpoonGraphics

Flourished Websites – Inspiredology

Cropped Logo Design Inspiration – David Airey

25+ Sites that Use Typography as the Only Design Element –


How to Get and Use Customer Feedback – Freelance Folder

Freelance Folder

Setting Your Prices: 10 Questions to Ask Yourself – Outlaw Design Blog

Post I Wrote for Other Blogs in November:

40 Tutorials for Working with Wacom Tablets –

Top 10 Tutorials for Converting PSDs to HTML/CSS –

30+ Useful Resources for Improving Your Photoshop Efficiencey – PSDTUTS

Billboard Top 40 Design Showcase – Smashing Magazine

Newspaper Website Design: Trends and Examples – Smashing Magazine

Textpattern Developer’s Toolbox – Smashing Magazine

10 Signs of a User-Focused Design – Web Design Ledger

~ tarafından ceoxi Aralık 18, 2008.

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